Minotaur® gas station containers stand out for their robustness, high security and an easy and fast installation. Provided with lots of international certificates they are being used in all kinds of professional fuel supply: Minotauer® boat gas station containers as bunkerstation are being used fort the fuelling of boats, yachts, cutters and fishing trawlers. These bunkerstations / boat container gas stations are being equipped with either standard or professional fuelling pumps. This is making it a robust, functional and modern fuelling system unit.

Bunkerstation containers:

Minotaur® boat gas station containers is a bunkerstation and serve for refuelling of all kind of boats with fuels like:

  • Gasoline,
  • Diesel,
  • Biodiesel,
  • Plant oil.

The standard version of the gas station container as bunkerstation is equipped with a sturdy frame with ISO-corners. The robust cubical body is double walled. The ISO dimensions permit an easy and cheap transport of these containers by road, rail and ship. The Minotaur® gas station container is a lengthy storage tank in which there is a fuel niche integrated.
The installed pumps have a performance of:

  • Standard 45 l/min.
  • Standard 90 l/min.
  • Heavy Duty Standard 200 l/min.

As per customer’s choice, non calibrated units (for own use) or calibrated units (for resale) are being installed.

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Bunker station