What does modern logistics require today to transport dangerous media and what does a transport unit (container) have to do?

  1. tenfold transshipment volume based on drum per unit – approx. 2,000 liters
  2. easy storage conditions by double-walled tank design (no requirement for additional drip pan)
  3. long durability thanks to robust steel construction using high-quality corrosion protection
  4. optimum utilization of space on trucks and in cargo containers (saving transport space)
  5. quick and easy loading using forklift trucks (feet)
  6. quick and easy loading using cranes (fastening eyes)
  7. quick and easy fixing of transport unit on truck and in cargo containers (anchoring lugs)
  8. quick and safe filling of transport unit (quick coupler, overfill protection)
  9. quick and safe unloading of transport unit (manifold with quick coupling and min. contact)
  10. quick and secure connection of transport unit on equipment (dry clutch)
  11. Optimum stacking of full and empty transport units on top of each other during storage. This saves space and time (stacking corners on tank roof).
  12. quicker and safer transport of several or one transport unit directly to end customers
  13. special trailers and container frame for optimum utilization of space, rapid handling and secure fixation of the transport containers
  14. large cleaning opening or dome access for optimum cleaning as well as inner tank revision
  15. climate-resistant tank design against extreme cold and heat by using steel or stainless steel
  16. aging-resistant wall construction by using steel and stainless steel
  17. fire resistance class F30 due to tank design in steel or stainless steel
  18. integrated pump sump in the bottom for quick cleaning and discharge

We cannot change the world, but we can make it a better place.

Therefore, we developed the CENTAUR transport tank according to the above mentioned points.

Meanwhile, the CENTAUR tanks have been applied on a global scale in every climate zone since 2000.

Based on the experience gained, we revised the CENTAUR series to offer an optimum product for professional worldwide industrial application.

The CENTAUR transport tank offers:

  • a cubic, rectangular shape compensating the disadvantages of round drums for transport efficiency.
  • extensive range of equipment for passive and active safety (anchoring lugs, double-walled wall construction).
  • optimized handling for rapid handling (fastening eyes and feet).
  • longest-possible durability even under the toughest conditions (above-average durability).
  • an excellent price-performance ratio with shortest payback period.

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CENTAUR transporttank