The full automated fresh-keeping drinking-water system Triton® Tasty is a time-controlled filtration system for the removal of fine solids, in accordance with the Drinking Water Ordinance. The fully automated central control valve with electronic control unit controls programmable or fi xed back-rinsing and its predetermined backwash. The pressure vessel is made of corrosion resistant fiberglass. For the filter material coarse gravel / fine granular quartz gravel / granules and hydroanthracite NI is used.

System for water disinfection:

The water which has to be treated flows through the housing and is selectively bypassed at the quartz immersion tube, in which the lamp is mounted. The welldefined water film thickness (distance between the UV-light exit surface of the quartz tube and the inner wall of the housing) ensures optimum penetration of water by the ultraviolet-light.

UV-treatment plant for water disinfection, consisting of:

  • UV-irradiation treatment tubes
  • Power supply (box) and OPD monitoring unit with UV-sensor including OTC-lifetime monitoring

OPD - monitoring with UV-sensor

For the monitoring of UV-systems, UV-sensors are required with the associated monitoring and should be standard in modern facilities. OPD controls the UVC-irradiance of the used ultraviolet lamps. It is installed behind the control box's front panel.

OTC - lifetime monitoring

This system works as a normal operating hours meter. After applying power, the meter starts running. It is installed behind the control box’s front panel.

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Triton drinking water freshness system